Texture Wall

Wallpanel with textured surface

Wallpanel with textured surface

Texture Wall

  • Patented 
  • Unique surface solution
  • With tongue and groove for easy installation
  • Recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Association
  • Delivered in 2 pack - easy to carry
  • Easy maintenance
  • Huntonit Texture Wall - give your home a character that separates you from the crowd. 

    Wood Wall Stained 
    Wallpanel 5 board faspanel with a soft wooden texture

    Wood Wall prepainted
    Wallpanel 5 board faspanel with a soft wooden texture

    Cottage Wall  
    Whitewashed wallpanel with 5 boards in 3 different widths. Saw Cut has a unique surface structured to replicate saw blade processed wood


  • Huntonits product development and new products are in accordance with our promise of delivering the healthiest panel core.

  • Panel size: 11 x 620 x 2390 mm

Brush painted wood structure