Basic Wall

Brush painted panel

Brush painted panel

Basic Wall


  • Probably the cleanest panel in the world
  • Patented brushpainted surface
  • Skygge, Perle and Fas
  • Recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association
  • Approved with an Indoor Climate Award from the Danish Technological Institute
  • Pure product for a healty indoor climate
  • Durable and easy care - easy to clean
  • Easy to repaint with acrylic based paint
  • Delivered in a 2 pack - easy to carry
  • Huntonit has patented the method of applying the structure that provides the real brush painted surface. 

    Prepainted panel Skygge, Perle or Fas with brush painted surface. Shadow (Skygge) provides an original and timeless expression, Pearl (Perle) has a more classic, stylish and elegant look, while Fas is for the minimalist.

  • Panel size: 11 x 620 x 2390 mm


Brush painted 5 panels
Brush painted 5 panels
Fas 3 bord
Painted 3 panels
Fas 6 bord
Brush painted 6 panels
Fas 8 bord
Brush painted 8 panels
Brush painted
Roll painted