About us

Read all about Huntonit`s history, product development and the patented surface. Also avalable is our contact info.

Huntonit AS are based in Vennesla, Agder, Norway. 
The factory was built at the end of -40 century and the 12th of May 1950 Huntonit produced the first fiber board. The Huntonit factory and it`s products are under constant development. Today Huntonit is Vennesla`s largest private workspace with about 190 employees.

Huntonit is a cornerstone business in Vennesla and also provide employees work in the building materials business across the country.


Huntonit AS
Postboks 21
4701 Vennesla

Visiting adress:
Venneslavegen 233
4700 Vennesla

Telephone: +47 38 13 71 00
E-mail:     byggma@byggma.no


Org.no. : NO 914 801 958 MVA