Emissions due to paint

Numerous chemical substances is used in the manufacture of materials and products that surround us. This applies to everything from building materials, furniture and textiles to children's toys and cleaners. Many of these chemical substances may pass into fumes and contribute to polluting the indoor air.

Chemicals in indoor air may affect the mucous membranes and provide health issiues. Many chemical substances in indoor air may also react with oxygen in the air to form more irritants. New chemicals / materials hit the market every day and the health effects may not well documented or known. 

To the extent possible one should therefore choose environment- and health-friendly products. Be aware of what you bring into the house. Ask for documentation on health and hazardous substances. (source NAAF).

Paint gives off many chemical substances during and immediately after application. Several paint products even fume for 2-4 weeks after they have dried.


Huntonit panels are prepainted and thoroughly dried in the factory so no dangerous emission will occur after installation. This is one of many reasons why Huntonit porducts are approved with Indoor Climate Award from the Danish Technological Institut.