Long versatile panel for wall and ceiling

Elegant solution for wall and ceiling

Huntonit panel board with brush painted surface may be used vertically and horizontally on the wall or ceiling. Same durable surface as all of the Huntonit products. Available in two surfaces - brush painted structure and Symfoni with a light wooden structure

Delivered in size 11 x 180 x 2400 mm.
Huntonit single panel board is the only pre-painted panel board recomended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association.

Interior shots:

  • Huntonit Panelbord Kostemalt
  • Huntonit Panelbord kostemalt hvit
  • Huntonit Panelbord, kostemalt Hvit på vegg og Fibo-Trespo 3492 Norwegian Slate
  • Huntonit Panelbord Symfoni
  • Huntonit Panelbord, Symfoni Hvit

Profiles and dimensions:

Available profiles

  • Skygge

Number of planks pr plate

  • X1
    pr width
    600 mm

Packaging size

  • Width x Height
  • Package weight
    17,6 kg
  • Number of boards pr package

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