Texture Ceiling with palpable surface

Wooden surface

Texture Ceiling giving a rustic appearance.

The ceiling panels are mounted across or parallel onto joists. When renovating, nail the panels directly on the existing ceiling as long as this gives sufficient attachment.

Huntonit wall and ceiling panels are made of natural wood fibres which are pressed together under high pressure. This enables the panel to withstand fire for a prolonged time and does not develop dangerous gases when exposed to heat.

Interior shots:

  • Huntonit Plankett takplater i skråtak
  • Huntonit Plankett takplater
  • Huntonit Plankett tak og Huntonit Fas 6 bord vegg, Caffelatte
  • Huntonit Plankett tak og Huntonit Fas 6 bord, Caffelatte

Profiles and dimensions:

Number of planks pr plate

  • X1
    pr width
    600 mm

Packaging size

  • Width x Height
    44 x 300 x 1820 mm
  • Package weight
    20 kg
  • Number of boards pr package

More about Texture Ceiling with palpable surface:

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